President al-Assad to al-Thawra daily: Syria still home for all..what is taking place in Egypt the fall of so-called Political Islam

Bashar Al Assad, the monster the world blames for the situation in Syria, is clearly not the monster he is made out to be. Here he explains rationally about his policies of separation of religion and politics – the way he governed the country PRIOR to the incursion of terrorists. This is no monster, this is a man who wants the best for his people. I wrote in an earlier blog post about how the media has misrepresented everything. Here is a perfect example. Read it and learn who Bashar Al Assad really is. God help the Syrian people.


Damascus, (SANA)-President Bashar al-Assad gave a speech to Syrian al-Thawra daily published on Thursday.  

The following is the full text of the speech:  

Interviewer: During this difficult time of crisis, it has often been said that Syria can accommodate everyone, but in reality it has not embraced all of its citizens. What has led us to this point?

President al-Assad: First of all, I would like to welcome you in my office. I am particularly pleased that this interview coincides with the 50th anniversary of Al-Thawra newspaper. This is a momentous occasion for every patriotic Syrian irrespective of their political affiliation.

We often view nations as a group of people occupying a certain territory; whereas in fact a nation is about a sense of belonging and of culture which both ultimately form a collective identity. With a strong sense of belonging, we can ensure a united…

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