Georges: Unpopular Opinions

Krazy King George III

Krazy King George III

Baby George is born!

Prince George Alexander Louis.

Hapless child. The world rejoices. Since the Duchess of Cambridge first started sporting her baby bump, speculations have been rife. Numerous photos have featured her in all stages of pregnancy with proud William at her side. When she went into labour, all the world was talking about it. Bets were laid with bookies about the baby’s name. So much talk in the news all the time.

I don’t care about this kid. I never did.

And I’m the one who sat on Prince Philip‘s lap as a child! I’m the one who wrote about princes and princesses as a child, who devoured stories about royalty, who hoped I descended from royal stock in some way – perhaps as an adopted love child!

And I don’t care.

So what if a royal baby has been born. What impact will this baby make on this world? None whatsoever. Royalty in England is a farce, a figurehead. The royal family can’t make any significant policy changes in the British Empire. Politics and change are in the hands of politicians. Royalty is merely a drain on taxpayers, that’s all.

Hopefully he won’t take after his noble ancestor George III, that’s the best I can hope for him.

Personally, I was happy when the Canadian Constitution Act was revised in 1982 and Canada ceased being answerable to the British Empire as a colony.

George. I knew four Georges while at university. Now I use that name as a catch-all. In French, if you don’t know someone’s name, you say chose or ‘thing’. In Arabic, if you don’t know a man’s name, you say ‘Mohammed’. When I don’t know someone’s name, for the longest time, I’ve been saying ‘the George over there’. People have laughed about that for the longest time when I spring it on them. It’s such a common name and I’ve met so many of them over the years (I even dated one), that it just came naturally to do so, like calling yourself Mr. & Mrs. Smith when signing into a motel for some illicit sex.

‘Why am I so sour about the birth of this sweet little, long-awaited baby?’ you may ask.

Good question.

I guess I actually don’t have anything against the royal family, it’s just that I find all these things such smoke and mirrors. I am so perturbed by the British and American policies on the situation in Syria and the tens of thousands of deaths that are being ignored. They’re not in the news much these days. It’s all about  the Trayvon Martin case, about Paula Deen and her rudeness (and whether or not she should be forgiven – God help me!), another royal baby, and so many other inconsequential things.

I’m also up in arms about the whole Monsanto business with GMOs being forced down our throats. Some of my favourite products turn out to be adulterated with GMO products and I have to give them up! I’m sick at the realization that this has been going on with the blessing of the FDA and the American government. I am disgusted with how long it’s been going on with no brakes on the part of the public; how is it that Europe and other countries are way ahead of the United States and Canada in the realization that these products are severely detrimental to our health?

Another source of dismay is the situation with the Canadian Aboriginal people. Who knew that Canada now has to face queries regarding our treatment of the First Nations people in Geneva? The ‘Idle No More‘ movement has opened my eyes to the imperfections of my own beloved country!

No, I don’t have time to spare nor interest in the birth of a baby somewhere in the British Empire.

There are so many other issues that are being swept under the carpet and nothing is being done! Seeing photos and articles filling the newspapers and magazines and internet pages about silly or really inconsequential things that affect only a few people annoys me. The world is so full of real problems, real issues that need to be dealt with and the media is effectively deterring us from thinking about them and it’s working…

I’m not sour, just sad, I guess. I don’t like smoke and mirrors. I don’t like them at all.


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