Dual life – My two paths

Ok, so who am I?

Difficult question.

Some people can qualify their lives as ‘stay-at-home mom of 3’ or ‘traveler, adventurer’. I can’t.

I feel like I’ve lived dual lives: spending many years trying to conform to a fundamental Christian upbringing, being a good girl; and then living life as I saw fit, rebelling against conventionality and often good sense.

I have been promiscuous; I have been chaste. I’ve have been clean-living, not allowing illegal substances to pass my lips; I have indulged in illegal drugs, excessive alcohol, abuse of prescription drugs. I have lived long years in small-town Ontario, Canada; I have rejected ruts and conventionality and good sense and lived for years in the Muslem Middle East. I have been sedentary, satisfying my need for beauty by creating gardens and waterfalls and ponds; I have soaked myself in beauty by hiking the cliffs of Newfoundland, camping in northern Quebec in remote place, climbing seaside mountains in Portugal, riding boats on the Euphrates in Syria.

I am philosopher, loving wife, biker, thinker, artist, scientist, educator, mathematician, reader, adventurer, traveler, photographer, writer, gardener, builder…

Life is complex. Can anybody really live a simple life? I often marvel at people who do seem to. I look at women my age who married their high school sweethearts, had a family, are now grandmothers. Can life really be that simple? Living in the same area all your life, spending time with the same people all your life, perhaps some financial struggles, but basically life is kids, shopping, beauty salon, cooking – same same same all your life. I could never live like that. I chafed and bubbled like a pot about to spill its contents during the years I tried to conform to my family’s expectations. I was explosive, restless, mentally berating God for my burning desire to DO SOMETHING.

It’s a good thing we are not all the same. The world is much more interesting and complex. It takes crazy people like me to appreciate its complexities, I guess. I feel privileged to have been me, to have been permitted to survive all I have survive and been enriched by all I have experienced. I will endeavor, through the pages of this ‘markingmyspot’ to share the insights I have gleaned through my experiences, to impart some of the epiphanies I have had, and perhaps rant about some of the things that have come to mean a lot to me.


4 responses to “Dual life – My two paths

  1. You sound like someone who has had many experiences in life and grown from them. That’s always a great thing. Thank you so much for following my blog! 🙂

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